Hello, welcome to Srcky's!

We breed dogs for over 25 years.

Hello, welcome to Srcky's!

We breed dogs for over 25 years

When we talk about the Frenchies and Bostons, we are constantly trying to prove ourselves in breeding. With each subsequent litter we want to get specimens that are as close as possible to the standard. Our dogs live with us, on the slopes of the Fruška gora National Park and have many different activities as well as veterinary supervision 24 hours a day.

"We don't just breed, we stand bald behind our brand."
Health Guarantee

Don’t ever buy a puppy if breeder doesn’t provide Health Guarantee. Think about before purchase.

All DNA tests of our dogs are performed in the LABOKLIN laboratory.

Breeder Support

It doesn’t matter the age of your dog, you’ll always receive full support from Srcky. People trust us!

Proudly presenting our Champions

There is a long way up to the top, years long. But we finally got near. Today we offer the purest blood Frenchies and Bostons, crossed over generations. No mistake for full blooded French Bulldog and Boston Terriers at us!