About us

We hope to share our passion for Frenchies and Bostons by using the years of experience and our big love for dogs.

Srđan Buha
Founder and owner Srcky's kennel

Back to 1997.

My name is Srđan Buha and I am the owner of Srcky’s kennel, Fci 3759, founded in 1997. Everything started in the 90’ with the American Staffordshire Terriers, my first breed that I have been successfully breeding for 25 years. Till today I have bred 40 national champions, 6 International, one World Champion and even 2 US Champions. Beside the above champions I have bred a fairly large number of quality dogs who achieved notable results in competitions in Serbia and abroad.

Next big step

The first Boston Terrier that came in to our home was Heartily Fast & Furious. This happened in 2015 and she is still with us. I was very fortunate because she is coming from great lines and is anatomically very correct. Beside her beautiness she is completely tested and of good health. She is the fundation bitch of our bitches line. We already have the fourth generation of bitches tracing back to her in the kennel. At the moment we also have few bitches that are descendants of the world’s strongest Boston Terriers bloodlines and three males. One of them is imported from USA.

An important decision

I came across with French bulldogs around 2010, but I serious started breeding them in 2017. At that time Caprice D’or Antigone arrived to Serbia and we started with exhibitions. Today she is an International, Serbian Champion, Club winner and multiple breed winner and my much loved pet! Currently we have several bitches in the kennel from world leading lines. There are also three males living with us, two of them are imported. In our kennel, the health of our dogs and their well being is our priority. We carefully plan our matings. We are trying to achieve good health and correct type.

Our kennel

Our kennel is located on the slopes of Fruska Gora National Park. We provide for our dogs outdoors and indoors facilities. During summer time all the indoor kennels are air-conditioned. We have special runs for young dogs and puppies. Our dogs get regular walks in the woods of FruŠka Gora and on the sandy beaches of Danube river in Čortanovci. We cooperate with a reliable veterinarian clinic available 24 hours/day.

The future looks great!

All our dogs have been tested for genetic diseases and have had heart, eye and patella tests. We are very satisfied with the current genetic material and we expect progress in the coming years. We are extremely active in exhibitions and compete all year round. We are cooperating with breeders from Russia, USA, Finland and the rest of Europe, so new imports are planned in order to further improve the quality!